Renting Check List

Building and Grounds

Hallways/entryways well lighted?

Hallways/grounds clean?

Laundry facilities well maintained?

Parking lot in good condition?

Is visitor parking provided?

Are trash disposal facilities adequate?

Is the building quiet?

Does it have wheelchair access?

Is it a secured building?

Does it have a superintendent?

What amenities does the building have?


How much is monthly rent?

When is first rent payment due?

On what day is monthly rent due?

How much is the security deposit?

Is everything inclusive in rent?


Near grocery shopping?

Near public transportation?

Proximity to school?

Proximity to work?

Close to hospitals/parks/other?

Is neighbourhood comfortable?

Rental Unit

Do doors have deadbolt locks?

Windows open, close and lock?

Windows drafty?

Can I control my own heating?

Sufficient amount of hot water?

Water pressure?

Adequate storage?

Enough electrical outlets?

Exhaust fans in bath and kitchen?

Bedroom(s) large enough?

Does it have a balcony?

What appliances do you get?

Is it carpeted or hardwood?

Will it be painted?